How to Tell If a Telemarketer is Calling Your Phone |

There are lots of calls that most of us would probably like to avoid, but telemarketers are at or near the top of pretty much everyone’s list. After all, telemarketers are obnoxious and unwanted, no matter when they call. Many people simply don’t want to talk to these annoying salesmen, and with good reason. But the problem is that most telemarketers use numbers that show up without a name on your caller ID. Usually, all you get is ten strange digits and the word “unknown” or “private.” But, believe it or not, there’s a way to identify telemarketers without ever having to answer their calls: Use a reverse phone lookup.
Reverse phone lookups are a great way to fight back against telemarketers, because they take away one of the telemarketers’ greatest strengths: The element of surprise. Telemarketers fully expect that you won’t know who’s calling before you answer the phone. But with a reverse phone lookup, you can turn the tables on telemarketers by finding out exactly who is calling you before you ever pick up the phone on an unrecognized number. 
When you get a call from a number that could be a telemarketer, don’t answer the call immediately. Instead, get on the internet, visit a reverse phone lookup site, and search for the strange phone number. With a reverse phone lookup, you can get the address and name associated with almost any phone number, including the unlisted ones that telemarketers use. This way, you can sort telemarketing calls out from ones you may want to take. And if that number calls back, you’ll know not to answer.
By finding out who owns a phone number before you answer it, you can effectively never speak with a telemarketer ever again. And as if that wasn’t reason enough, you can also search a phone number for almost any other reason, giving you comprehensive protection against almost any unknown phone number no matter who is  calling.