Online Social Media Enables People to Bust Telemarketers |

Social media on the internet is not only entertaining, but can also be useful in lots of different interesting situations. One of the most unlikely jobs that social media has taken on is dealing with and fighting back against telemarketers. While this might seem like a strange fit, telemarketers and social media are actually well suited for each other in a way. And by using certain social media, such as caller complaint sites, busting telemarketers is far easier than one might think.Caller complaint sites are a great kind of social media, in that they are a truly effective way to deal with telemarketers and other problem callers. Use of caller complaint sites can be defined into two categories. First, users can post their own complaints, thus warning others about obnoxious or abusive telemarketers. Secondly, users can also search through the complaints others have made, and use that information to compile a do not answer list of unwanted phone numbers.Thus caller complaint sites offer a real way to deal with telemarketers in that they offer knowledge. Imagine how much differently telemarketing calls would go if you knew as soon as the phone rang that the number belonged to a telemarketer. You could choose to pick up the phone, and inform the telemarketer of your lack of desire to speak with them, and then hang up before they get a chance to start their sales pitch. Or, you could simply not pick up the call at all, and thus save your time for doing things more enjoyable than talking to telemarketers.Plus, when you report a phone number online, you get the satisfaction of knowing that other concerned phone users will avoid calls from that number as well. That way, you can reduce the success of telemarketing ventures, discourage telemarketers on a wide basis.