Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing Techniques |

Telemarketing is a media to advertise different products or services over the phone. Various organizations opt the technique of telemarketing after launching the products in the market in order to earn profit by increasing the pace of sale of the newly launched products or services. The organizations have data which contains the phone number. These phones numbers are dialed by telemarketing agents who sell the products of the organization by way of telemarketing.Each and every number is dialed by them manually on regular basis and advertise their campaign to people living in different parts of the world. The telemarketing calls are usually made to the customer in order to provide their services to them relating to mortgage, insurance, credit card services.Two types of telemarketing techniques are available in order to advertise the products and solve the different queries asked by the customer.Inbound Telemarketing- Inbound telemarketing is the technique in which different companies receive calls from people around the globe to solve their queries related to their services or products launched by them. The inbound calls are basically handled by customer care executives which are hired by different companies to create general awareness among the common people residing in different regions of the world regarding their products.Outbound Telemarketing- It is one of the technique to advertise the product or services launched by the company or organization. The telephone calls are made to the people by telemarketing agents in different parts of the world and narrate regarding their products or services.