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There are probably very few people in the world who can say they really enjoy receiving phone calls from telemarketers. After all, even if they don’t interrupt a meal or some other activity, the calls themselves are simply unpleasant. This leads many citizens to wonder what, if any, laws exist to protect consumers from telemarketers. If you’ve been wondering about your telemarketing rights, and what else you can do about annoying sales calls, here’s a basic overview.There are laws that telemarketers have to follow. For instance, telemarketers are not allowed to call after 9pm or before 9am, nor are they allowed to call cell phones. Furthermore, telemarketers are banned from using automatic dialing machines to dial random or sequential phone numbers, without knowing who they belong to. Also, all telemarketers are required to keep and abide by the National Do Not Call List, a list of callers who don’t wish to receive calls from telemarketers any more. The Do Not Call List does not, however, apply to nonprofit organizations and surveys.While these laws do offer some protection from telemarketers, another way to protect yourself is to use a reverse phone lookup. Reverse phone lookups are websites that offer information about strange or unknown phone numbers, so as those used by telemarketers. Using a reverse phone lookup gives you the name and address of the phone’s registered owner. This works even if the number is from a cell phone or unlisted land line, like many telemarketers use.And once you’ve used the phone number lookup, you’ll finally know as much about the telemarketing company as they know about you. Furthermore, if you feel that your legal rights have been violated, you can lodge an official complaint about the specific company responsible, having more to complain about than just a phone number.

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There’s a long list of people who are trying to learn more about telemarketers and how to stop them. Every day, telemarketers annoy thousands of families across the country. Many people would agree that the only thing worse than one call from a telemarketers is more than one call from a telemarketer. If you’ve been receiving incessant calls from a telemarketer, you may feel helpless, or be at a loss as to what to do. One great solution is to make use of a reverse phone lookup.Telemarketers who call repetitively can be a real pain and a bit scary. After all, in an eerie way, telemarketers seem to know much more about you than you know about them. But believe it or not, you can level the playing field by using a reverse phone lookup. Just as telemarketers seem to always know your name, you can find out the name and address of the company that’s been calling you. That way, you don’t have to just wonder blindly who might be responsible for the upsetting calls you’ve been receiving.And supplying facts aren’t the only way that reverse phone lookups can help you to learn more about and deal with incessant telemarketer calls. Once you have the name and the address of the company that’s been bothering you, you can do many things. You can ask politely but sternly to never be called back and to be placed on any pertinent lists to ensure this. This play works best when you refer to the telemarketing company by name. Or, if you need to lodge an official complaint of telemarketer abuse, then you’ll have facts about the company to report, instead of just a strange phone number.Beyond telemarketers, there’s a whole world of great reasons to search a phone number. After all, phone numbers are seemingly omnipresent, and can seem to be as accurate as fingerprints when it comes to identifying some individuals. Over all, reverse phone lookups are a great way to expand your knowledge about almost any mysterious phone number you may come across.